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"Pulse of Evolution" is a collection of seven channeled original medicine songs 

offered as a seven chakra meditation from Sahffi’s heart to yours. 

The songs are manifestations of a higher consciousness, 

reminding us of our souls’ eternal journey through existence. 

The recommendation is to listen to each song with your eyes closed. 

Connect with your breath, then the suggested chakra for each song. 

Allow a spiral energy to unfold out in all directions, and then invite the energy back into your body. 

Feel the ebb and flow of the Universal energy that dances in and around your body. 

Listen in any order desired to engage your own "Pulse of Evolution!"

"Entropic Moments," 2016
Each song on this album represents an "entropic moment" of life, a moment where life changes forever, good or bad. Recorded live at Bonnie Bridge House Concert Series in Ellicott City, MD, in 2015.

"Expectations Revisited," 2012
After her #1 hit "Summer Breeze"in Botswana in 2010 with N'Dinga Gaba, Sahffi was approached by producers from around the world. Her fourth album features remixes from Zimbabwe, the UK, South Africa, and more. Free download!

"Expectations," 2011 
A grand experiment, Sahffi asked 10 different producers to tackle 10 different songs. The resulting album shows off her music’s versatility.

Featuring her full band and sister on harmony vocals, Sahffi's second album highlights a unique yet accessible writing style.

"...and i am not sorry.", 2003
Sahffi's first solo album, recorded live at her alma mater Peabody,
reveals a classically-trained musician as she experiments in her new medium.