Voice Lessons


Private One-hour Lessons are offered
on a sliding scale, $88 - $111.

Lessons are offered online via Zoom or 
in-person at The Bohemian House,
8133 Main St., Ellicott City, Md.

Lesson fees are to be paid in advance.
Please use one of the following methods to pay for lessons:
Venmo: @Sahffi-Lynne
“Friends and Family” via PayPal to sahffi@sahffi.com
Cash App: $SahffiLynne
Cash or Personal Check also accepted.

(Please read Studio Policies below.)



I started my musical life as a French horn player,
 and I didn't start singing until I was in my early 20's. 
Therefore, I see my body as an instrument, 
AND I know how scary it is to use and find your voice! 

To find your own authentic, divine singing and speaking voice, 
you need to start by understanding how to play your body as an instrument.

To help with this, I came up with my own method of teaching, called the "Vocal Ladder." 

My "Vocal Ladder" method of teaching voice has helped my students 
over the past 7 years uncover and rediscover their authentic, 
divine voice by understanding how to use their body as an instrument 
and how singing can encourage our growth and healing.

Each rung of the "Vocal Ladder" aligns with one of the major 7 chakras of the body.
We'll explore how singing can move energy for emotional healing,
and how you can use this method to speak and sing your truth clearly from your heart.

 I am always excited to share the joy of singing with those who have never sung, 
or think they "can't" sing, or who those who "always wanted to sing." 

Using our voice is our divine right, I am here to help you connect to that joy again!

I also offer a "Vocal Ladder" workshop for groups. 
Please contact me to discuss specific details for your group or venue.

Please reach out with any questions on the "Contact" page,
I look forward to working with you soon to "Vocalize Your Soul."




A graduate of The Peabody Conservatory, Sahffi has taught privately for over 10 years. 
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Sahffi offers Vocal Lessons for beginners (young adults and adults)
and Audition, Performance and Songwriting Coaching for more seasoned singers. 

She teaches her own "Vocal Ladder" method and also incorporates her intuition into her lessons 
to help each individual connect with their own true voice. 

 "When we connect with our authentic voice, we connect with our hearts, which leads to connection with others. Truly one of the many gifts of singing is not only the connection we uncover with ourselves, but with the connection we discover with others."

She also offers Audition, Performance and Songwriting Coaching
for those more seasoned singers, performers and singer/songwriters.



"Sahffi Lynne is amazing! She is helping me overcome a lifelong fear and block around singing. It's enjoyable and fun and she's a genius at the craft of helping you to sing." - Tim M., voice student

"Highest recommendation for Sahffi Lynne and her profound singing lessons! What a joy it was to learn about the art of making sound and truly understanding all the different movements we make with our body. I really loved and appreciated how Sahffi incorporated the chakras into the importance of climbing up the vocal ladder." - Michael, vocal student

"Just wanted to share something that happened today! I go to this thing we call yoga church (b/c it's on Sundays)! At the end, we sing the same song every week (Long Time Sun) and today I had three people comment on my singing (in a good way--ha)... And one asked, 'are you taking voice lessons?' After just three lessons, I thought that was quite a testament to your teaching and I wanted to share! I could feel the difference, too!" - Beth, voice student

"Sahffi is an amazing vocal coach! She literally helps you understand that your voice is an instrument, just like a flute or a trombone. Her approach takes a lot of the fear and unease out of learning how to make sound and sing from the heart. She helps you open up and teaches the essential fundamentals of an instrument we were all born with. Deep gratitude for your compassion and care Sahffi!"
- Camille Eroy-Reveles MPH, voice student from Kunkawaki Yoga & Music Retreat, 2017

"Sahffi is a talented, fun and loving musician and voice coach. She combines her knowledge of vocal techniques, anatomy and subtle energy in her classes. I highly recommend her to anyone who'd like to work on their vocal abilities, regardless of age and experience." - Isabel, voice student via Skype

"I made more progress in one lesson with Sahffi than in months worth of previous lessons with a different instructor. Cool!" - Robin, voice student via Skype

"It means a lot that you were right with me throughout our lessons, making me feel at ease and swaying along with me. Stage fright was one of the things that kept me away from doing this earlier. Your encouragement built up my confidence enough to go onstage and finally face the crowd."
- Sharon, in a note to Sahffi regarding her vocal coaching sessions 

"Sahffi is a GENIUS at teaching voice. Three lessons with her changed my singing forever!"
- Farida, vocal student

"Sahffi is a natural born teacher. Lessons are enjoyable and productive, and I feel that I've made significant progress with her guidance." - Shannon, voice student

"As a student of Sahffi's I want to give her the highest recommendation possible. I am miles ahead of where I was just after two and a half months of her lessons and she has honed in on everything I needed to change to bring out a voice I never thought I had. She also is super nice." - Michael, voice student 

"You are so inspiring! No one has ever told me I had a nice tone, or a tenor at that. Thanks for being an awesome teacher and making me want to sing more and more! You rock!" - Scott, voice student



Lessons: I teach one-hour lessons via Zoom and in-person at The Bohemian House in Ellicott City, Maryland. Zoom is a free app that can be downloaded on your computer or phone. When possible, please use your computer for our lessons.

Lesson Fees: Private lessons are offered on a sliding scale of $88 - $111 per hour. Lessons can be paid through my website on the “Vocal Lessons” page (www.sahffi.com).

Cancellations: Cancellations are understood and expected, but must occur prior to 24-hours of our scheduled lesson, except in the cases of true emergencies.  With proper 24-hours notice, the lesson may be rescheduled within two weeks. However, if proper cancellation notice is not given, the lesson fee will be revoked. 

Lesson times: If you are late for your lesson, I cannot guarantee to extend your lesson time. Please be on time so we can get the most out of our lesson together. Also please be aware that should you continue to miss or cancel your lesson times without rescheduling, you may be subject to dismissal as a student.

Teacher Reschedules: I am a professional musician and may, on occasion, need to reschedule your lesson due to my performance schedule. I will do my best to give you at least one week’s advance notice prior to your scheduled lesson. I always appreciate your understanding and support.

Gift Certificates: Gift certificates and New Student Packages are available. Please note: Both Gift certificates and New Student Packages expire 6 months after purchase. 


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