Vocal Lessons

Sahffi is pleased to offer Vocal Lessons and Vocal Coaching for all ages at her home studio in Catonsville, Maryland, 
and from ANYWHERE via Skype.

Sahffi also offers small group instruction and vocal workshops. 
Please contact her to discuss specific details for your group or venue.

A graduate of The Peabody Conservatory, Sahffi has taught privately for over 10 years. (Click for full bio)

Sahffi offers Vocal Lessons for beginners and Vocal Coaching for more seasoned singers. She also incorporates her intuition and healing into her lessons to help each individual connect with their own voice. 

"When we connect with our authentic voice, we connect with our hearts, which leads to connection with others," she says. "Truly one of the many gifts of singing is the connection we discover with ourselves and others. Teaching is a natural extension of my musical journey, and I truly love helping people discover their voice!"


Vocal Lessons and Vocal Coaching
are offered on a sliding scale:

1/2 hour: $35 - $45
(perfect for beginners)
45 minutes: $50 - $75
(perfect for those wanting a little more)
1 hour: $65 - $100
(perfect for those ready to work!)

Can be paid by Cash, Check, PayPal, Venmo or Credit Card.

Please pay what your heart and budget is comfortable exchanging.

If you are interested in taking lessons
(or purchasing a Gift Certificate),
please contact Sahffi by filling out the
or by calling 410.963.2199.



"Sahffi is a talented, fun and loving musician and voice coach. She combines her knowledge of vocal techniques, anatomy and subtle energy in her classes. I highly recommend her to anyone who'd like to work on their vocal abilities, regardless of age and experience." - Isabel, adult voice student

"I made more progress in one lesson with Sahffi than in months worth of previous lessons with a different instructor. Cool!" - Robin, adult voice student

"It means a lot that you were right with me throughout our lessons, making me feel at ease and swaying along with me. Stage fright was one of the things that kept me away from doing this earlier. Your encouragement built up my confidence enough to go onstage and finally face the crowd."
- Sharon, to Sahffi regarding her vocal coaching sessions 

"Sahffi is a GENIUS at teaching voice. Three lessons with her changed my singing forever!"
- Farida, adult vocal student

"Sahffi is a natural born teacher. Lessons are enjoyable and productive, and I feel that I've made significant progress with her guidance." - Shannon, adult voice student

"I can't express what an amazing influence you've been to Acey. Being a kid these days is hard and being able to do something so cool is something she'll long remember." - Brian, Acey's dad (voice student)

"As a student of Sahffi's I want to give her the highest recommendation possible. I am miles ahead of where I was just after two and a half months of her lessons and she has honed in on everything I needed to change to bring out a voice I never thought I had. She also is super nice." - Michael, adult voice student 

"You are so inspiring! No one has ever told me I had a nice tone, or a tenor at that. Thanks for being an awesome teacher and making me want to sing more and more!  You rock!" - Scott, adult voice student


** Congratulations to Sharon, who got on stage and ROCKED with her rock band from the School of Rock, and who wrote, recorded and released her first song! (2016)

** Congratulations to Sarah who nailed her audition to Carver High's music program and will be attending in the fall of 2016!

** Congratulations to Aniya, who passed her audition to the Baltimore School for the Arts! She'll be attending in the fall of 2014.

** Congratulations to Julia who nailed her audition to the Patapsco High Music Program! She'll also be attending in the fall of 2014.

** Emma was just accepted into the University of Miami's Music & Business Entertainment program in Undergraduate music. Although she was accepted into 6 other programs, this is her first choice, so she will be attending in the fall of 2015. Very proud of her!

** Lily is following her dream of becoming an original artist by releasing her original songs via video; check out her catchy tune "Mr. Inconsistent" here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_RbvSrQwzu4

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